Jun. 9th, 2017 11:54 pm
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MY RBB IS OFFICIALLY POSTED. With the most beautiful art by Caz ever <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

You can see the art here and read the fic here!

And now I can descend into finals hell - the first one on Monday!

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 I talked to [personal profile] navaan about how to use my shiny new DW and thought that it might be a good idea to try and keep track of all my fandom plans. So . . . let's try! In more-or-less chronological order. Let's see exactly how crazy I am?

- Cap-IM RBB: almost done, posting on 10th June! Uh. As Caz reminded me, I still don't have a title or summary, which is almost as difficult as writing the whole thing in the first place. And the art is SO WONDERFUL. 

- ...finals. This is not a fandom plan, this is deeply interfering with my fandom plans. *lies down*

- STH fic for [personal profile] faite! I'm killing AA Tony for her. *cackles*

- I also want to update my WIP as soon as possible! I feel bad about it, but timeee.

- the dark, badterriblewrong angst for Steve's b-day that might or might not be a continuation of this. I'm not sorry.

- Tiny Reverse Bang! I can't wait to see all the art for it! I know some awesome people want to art for it :D They're saboutaging my BB plans, clearly.

- plan and write something for Steve/Tony Anniversary Anthology. I'm meeting up with my partner in July so we'll be able to brainstorm in person too :D I expect it will be angsty and Tony will cry.

- plan and write something for Cap-IM BB! No idea what. I do have that one vampire Tony WIP I try to finish every year, but that probably won't happen :P Maybe I should go multiverse. We'll see :D I think it should be all Tony feels, to balance out my RBB, lol.

- Cap-IM Bingo . . . I'll probably cry and write everything in the last three days again. 

- I signed up for Marvel Bang on the off chance I write a random fic of over 10k, hahaha.

- last but certainly not least - just without a deadline: an assortment of late fics I promised my friends over the years. (That does include your wingfic, [personal profile] magicasen, but I'm not treating it as your b-day gift :P ).

- okay I lied, last is now: 616 and MCU Tonys meeting, flirting, and being generally sad about their lives and Steves. Not sure when to set it for maximum angst - obviously post-CACW on the MCU side, but 616 offers so many possibilities. Director Stark? Some kind of post-CW II AU? (AI Tony doesn't really work, he couldn't make out with MCU Tony, and that's obviously very important). Though that is also something I promised to a friend, so there.

- write original stuff??? wHEN??? also write that 12/Simm fic and, ah, pairing-I-can't-mention-bc-spoilers-for-magic fic with 10. 

- non-writing plan: MOD ALL THE THINGS. Though that's not a plan, that's reality :P

- not-a-plan-but-will-happen: reaction fics to all the things. I'd just like not to write another BB based on a 4-pages preview again!

I'm sure I'm forgetting something here. Might be for the best. I would also like not to die of overwriting myself, while we're at that. *laughs hollowly* Anyway! Exciting year, y/y!

EDIT BECAUSE OF COURSE I FORGOT SOMETHING!!! The 616/DW crossover and Director Stark meeting post-S3 Ten!!! [personal profile] navaan  thank you for the reminder OBVIOUSLY I NEEDED IT. 
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So, seems like I'm finally forced to use DW! *waves at everyone* 

You probably already know me if you're here, but just in case: hi, I'm Laire, I write Tony angst that you can read on my AO3. I've no idea what I'll talk about here: probably also Tony angst, some Steve angst, sad mages and occasional Doctor Who.

Let's see how the DW adventure goes.


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